Marty Kendall – How to optimise your nutrition easily. episode 99

Marty Kendall from Optimising Nutrition is back with us today to talk about the easiest way to get the most from your nutrition in the simplest way possible.
We chat about the 3 components of a great plan:
Insulin Management
Energy Requirement
Nutrient Density
Marty has spent a lot of time and effort crunching the numbers and has produced a range of food lists that give you the most nutrient dense foods to eat for any number of circumstances you may be in. 
From fat loss for an insulin resistant person to pregnancy or insomnia, there is a list for you to download and best of all it's free!
People get so caught up in the detail of trying to follow a certain type of diet that they forget about the actual health value. Here, all you need to do is just eat the foods from the list and not worry about anything else, we go in to more detail on the show but if you want to check Marty out then here are the links, show him some love people!