Mike Kocsis Testosterone Replacement Therapy – Episode 91

Mike Kocsis from www.balancemyhormones.co.uk joins us today to talk about testosterone replacement therapy.We discuss why he eventually started his own company after 22 years of his own therapy.How the Dr’s and NHS often get it wrong.Who would benefit from the proper treatmentHow to monitor it properly and much much more. LISTEN ON SPOTIFY LISTEN ON ITUNES LISTEN […]


Marty Kendall Nutrient Optimisation Episode 91

Mart Kendall from optimising nutrition.com joins me to day to talk about how to get the very best nutrient density from your food.His initial interest in nutrition was sparked as a way of improving his wife’s Type 1 Diabetes. After analysing the data he was able to develop an amazing tool that allows people to know […]


Daniel Perryman – The Low Carb Leader Episode 90

Daniel Perryman from The Low Carb Leader is on the show today talking holistic nutritional approach, training for your unique needs and much more.Dan was one of the youngest ever Karate Black Belts at 11 years old. He spent over 6 years travelling the world with the U.S. Navy and then attained a Bachelors degree […]

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